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5 Advanced SEO Techniques To Use In 2022

We can mainly divide the techniques of SEO into 5 parts-

(A) • On-Page SEO: The technique by which we can try to move that post up in Google while “writing a post” on our website, is called On-Page SEO. On-Page means which is done inside the SEO website.

For example- Techniques like writing a detailed post and including the necessary keywords in it come under On-Page SEO. This is because we use them while writing blog posts.

(B) • Off-Page SEO: Google does not only look inside someone’s website to rank it, but it also gathers information about it from outside (eg from social sites and other websites). The SEO techniques with which we promote our website and rank it higher in Google are called Off-Page SEO.

For example- sharing blog posts on social sites and creating backlinks for them come under Off-Page SEO. This is because they are done after publishing the post.

(C) • Technical SEO: The things related to coding written inside the website come under Technical SEO. SEO is also affected by the coding written on the website.

For example, if a lot of heavy coding has been done on the website, then the website will take more time to load or to open. And Google bluntly said that it does not like slow websites at all and is not interested in giving them priority in their SERPs. Apart from this, the site which does not change its design according to a different device also hesitates to give preference in Google rankings.

In this way, Technical SEO is also very important for any website. You can improve its technical SEO by removing unnecessary codes and tools/widgets from your website.

(D) • User Interaction SEO: This type of SEO is new and funnier than the other three. Its concept has started only a few years back.

What happens in this is that Google checks the quality of websites and ranks them based on the behavior of people in their search.

For example- Let’s say that many people go to Google and search “What is SEO”. Now, most of those people, do not go to the website that comes on the first number, they go to the website of the second number. So what do you think Google will do now?

Now Google will think that most people are leaving the first website and going to the second. This means that the second one has something special compared to the first website, that’s why people are clicking it. That’s why he pushes the second website to the first number and the first numbered website to the second number. So that people can see the good website first.

This SEO is new, so many bloggers do not pay much attention to it. Believe me, good User Interaction SEO can bring your website to the top of Google without any backlink.

(E)• Local SEO: When you do SEO to make your website reach the people of a particular place, then this type of SEO is called ‘Local SEO’.

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