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Tips To Write SEO Optimised Headline For Blog Post In HINDI

If 100 people on the Internet read the headline of your post, then only 20 people click on it.

This fact tells that if you want to make your blog or website popular on the internet then how much importance is your headline. A man reading a newspaper standing

Your headline is the GATE of your content. If people like it then there is a high chance that they will open this gate and come to read your content.

On the other hand, if the title of your content does not impress people, then there are high chances that people will not read your content, no matter how great you have written the content.

How to write a title for a blog? | HOW TO WRITE A GOOD TITLE FOR AN ARTICLE IN HINDI

1). Keep the headline short and simple (KEEP IT SHORT & SIMPLE):

While writing headlines on the Internet, we should take great care that the headline we are giving to our content should be simple, that is, people should not have any problem in understanding it and secondly it should be short.

Now you may think that simple is fine but why short? So the reason for keeping it short is that long headlines on the internet don’t show up to the fullest. Only a limited number of words are shown on Google and elsewhere. That’s why it’s important to keep your headlines short.

For example, if you are writing an article related to studies, it would be better if you keep the title of “10 Great Tips for Studying” instead of keeping its title – “Must follow these 10 great tips to study”.

2). Be sure to include your main keyword in the title (INCLUDE YOUR TARGET KEYWORD):

If you are writing a post for the internet, then it becomes very important that the topic you are writing about must be mentioned in your headline.

When search engines like Google show posts to people, then if your title includes the keyword ie the topic of your article, then the chances of your article being shown on the top increase.

By doing this, more and more people come to your site, and the popularity of your site increases.

3). Use powerful words in the title (USE POWER WORDS IN YOUR TITLE):

There are certain words that you can use in your headline to quickly attract people to your article.

Some such keywords are…

Quickly (FAST!)
In Two Minutes (JUST IN 2 MINUTES)
easily (EASILY)
Fabulous (AWESOME!)

We call such words “power words” because using them increases the power of your title. You must use these words in your title. You should use them like this…

Let’s say if you are writing a post on a Memorizing Technique, you can use a power word in your title like this- “Learn to remember facts in 2 minutes!”

With this kind of use of power words, you will find that more people are reading your article.

4). Use dashes, parentheses, exclamation marks, and colons (USE HYPHEN, PARENTHESIS & COLON IN TITLE):

We have many such symbols in Hindi and in English, using which we can significantly increase the power of our headlines.

There are 4 such main Punctuation Marks- Hyphen (-), Bracket { () }, Exclamation Mark (!) and Colon (:).

By using these symbols, people find your title unique and they are attracted to your article. Let us know how you can improve your title with the help of these symbols-

1. Use of the hyphen (-)- “Adolf Hitler – The Cruel Tale of an Eccentric Dictator.”

2. Use of the Exclamation Mark (!) – “Eighth Wonder of the World!”

3. Using parentheses () – “Rank your blog post on Google (FAST!)”

4. Use of Colon (:)- “On-Page SEO: The Complete Guide to 2021.”

5). Include data in your headlines (INCLUDE DATA):

 People are attracted to data very quickly. For example, if you tell someone that the wall of China is very big, then he will not be surprised much.

But if you tell the same person that the wall of China is as long as the second one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, then he must be surprised.

Similarly, we can use the data to improve our headlines.

For example, if you are writing a post about the damage caused by excessive use of the phone, then you can write your headline like this – “More than 2 hours of phone se dil hota hai weak”
This headline includes data that makes it more powerful than a generic headline (e.g., “Excessive phone use threatens the heart”).

6). Ask a question!? (ASK QUESTIONS):

“Our questions often speak volumes about our curiosity.” That’s why questions often attract us to ourselves.

You must have often seen that questions are often taken to relate to people in advertisements. Like- “Are you troubled by the constant falling of hair?” “Do you keep thinking unnecessarily?” People are often able to relate themselves to such questions.

Similarly, we can also attract people to read our author by asking questions in our headline. Like- “How to study?”, “I don’t feel like studying? Try this method!”


People are often attracted to negative things. You can also use it in your headlines.

If you are writing on such a serious issue which is very important for people to know otherwise they may have to suffer. You can use Negative Headlines in such issues.

In negative headlines, you have to show that if you do not read this article then you may have to suffer some serious loss.

Like- “New Research- Screens Can Make You Blind!” Or “Don’t ignore small problems in your eyes!”

Try to use negativity in a limit. Don’t exaggerate things, it can make people lose faith in you and make you look like a spammer.


People are often attracted to numbers too and you can use this fact in your headline as well.

number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 drawn on the red colored racing rack

You can use numbers in your headline to make them more effective.

For example – “Learn to read faster” would be a more effective headline – “Learn to read 2 times faster!”

Because we have used numerals in this, so it looks more powerful.

9). Highlight something special (HIGHLIGHT SOMETHING SPECIAL):

News websites often use this technique.

In this, some special thing is mentioned in the headline, to know which the person will have to read the article.

For example, “7 New Wonders of the World, Number 6 Will Surprise You” is one such headline. Many people will come to mind that what is so special about man number 6 for which they will click on the article.

But keep in mind that what you are claiming in the headline should also be present in the article.

10). Write multiple titles! (NOT JUST ONE, WRITE MULTIPLE HEADLINES):

 Always keep in mind that you do not write the title for the article before writing it. Write a title for the article only when it is finished.

Write more than one title. Then choose the best title among them. If you have no idea which title would be better, ask people close to you, they may be of some help to you. Don’t keep the title simple and too long.

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